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Benefits of spray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) on post-weaning performance of piglets in the absence of prophylactic antibacterial medication

Conference abstract
Animal Nutrition Forum (ANR) 2015

Abrupt cessation of lactogenic passive immunity and post-weaning anorexia in piglets are major factors in the multifactorial etiology of diarrhea and/or a transient weight dip following weaning (Campbell et al., 2010). Dietary spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is an alternative source of lactogenic immunoglobulins and other beneficial glycoproteins that are present in sow’s milk and protect the gut mucosa of suckling piglets against enteric infections. In addition, dietary SDPP generally enhances  early post-weaning feed intake and weight gain (Van Dijk et al., 2001; Torrallardona, 2010). Present studies examined the effects of  SDPP in pre-starter and starter diets on piglet performances over the entire weaning period under conditions of absence of prophylactic use and with minimal therapeutic use of antibiotics. Both regular SDPP and HAT-pasteurized SDPP were tested.

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