Sustainable animal proteins as
key ingredient

We offer the basis for excellent and high-quality animal feed, with ranges of specific ingredients high in sustainable protein for each type of animal feed.

All the ingredients contain nutrients adapted to suit your animals’ needs and are the result of years of research and experience in the field of animal nutrition within our VEOS Group.

All our ingredients meet the strictest quality standards on the market and provide the nutrients required to complement your animals’ daily feed.

Animal proteins for

Pet Food

Animal proteins from the best quality to ensure the vitality and health for cats, dogs or other pets. We offer a product range with a high source of protein that has specific functionalities for your pet food.


More proteins:



Fish & Shrimp




Who is

ACTIPRO is a specialised animal feed protein brand produced by the VEOS Group. We only use quality ingredients that are high in proteins for our products.

More information about the global production of Actipro

With a global production and distribution network, the VEOS Group is a reliable international partner in the world of animal feed ingredients.

proof of the VEOS Group’s commitment to the production of high-quality feed ingredients for the animal nutrition sector.

The animal feed and pet food ingredients are marketed under the brand name ACTIPRO, which stands for ‘ACTIve PROteins’. The ACTIPRO brand reflects the commitment of the VEOS Group of high-quality feed ingredients for the animal feed industry.

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Technical Review

Use of egg products in pet food

A technical review of the benefits of egg products within pet food.

by dr prof Isabelle Kalmar, DVM, Phd

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