Egg powder
for Animal feed

An egg is basically an encapsulated source of macro and micronutrients that are perfectly in balance to meet all requirements for embryonic development up to hatching of a chick.

What is egg powder?

Egg powder is a natural, sustainable and highly digestible protein and fat source used within pet food and animal feed. Different grades of egg powder are being produced such as whole egg, egg white and egg yolk powder.

Spray dried whole egg powder
Whitepaper about use of egg products in pet food

Technical review

Use of egg powder products in pet food

What is the nutritional value of egg powder?

Egg powder is a very interesting natural ingredient as it combines different functionalities. First of all egg powder supplies dietary essential nutrients like amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, D and choline. Egg powder is also a rich source of bio-active components with health promoting properties like the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, bioactive lipids, antimicrobial proteins and immunoglobulins. Finally, egg powder is also a technical aid in pet food and animal feed production thanks to its emulsifying and gelation properties.

Why do we use egg powder in animal feed?

Egg powder is a sustainable and safe ingredient full of bioavailable nutrients and biologically active components providing passive mucosal immunity against viral and bacterial pathogens. In addition, egg powder offers interesting functional properties in pet food and animal feed manufacturing.

Egg powder is a source of highly concentrated dietary essential amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins that greatly meet the nutritional requirements of animals. The chemical integrity of essential nutrients are preserved by the gentle drying technique of spray drying during the production of feed grade egg powder, whilst anti-nutritional factors are greatly reduced.

In addition, egg powder doesn’t impede pet food and animal feed formulation as crude ash, crude fiber and carbohydrate contents are very low. Different egg powders are produced with varying ratios of crude protein to fat through the separation of egg yolks and egg whites, which further facilitates formulation flexibility of pet food and animal feed nutritionists.

The biggest market for egg powder is pet food. However, increased use of egg powder is noticed in piglet starter feed thanks to the benefits for piglet health.

Pets background

Egg powder has also attractive and palatable properties that makes it optimal for use in feeding fish and shrimp. For this reason, egg powder is used in fishing baits with great success.

Egg powder has been widely used for fishing baits since a long time, both amateur and professional manufacturers. Nowadays there are baits marketed by main fishing baits producers, using high inclusion levels of egg powder in its composition.

Egg powder is a great binding agent for the production of fishing baits. Whole egg powder increases the firmness of fishing baits and the egg white powder creates a hard surface on the fishing baits while the centre remain moist. The more egg powder you add, the more binding potential you get.

Egg white powder decreases the boiling time on fishing baits. Egg powder is also included for foaming, gelling and it is a great emulsifier too. Other properties are:

How to produce egg powder?

The raw material for the production of feed grade egg powder is sourced from by-products of various actors within the egg and poultry production industry. In order to produce high quality egg powders, liquid egg fractions are pasteurized and spray dried to guarantee microbiological safety and to inactivate anti-nutritional factors present in raw eggs.

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