Dietary emulsifier
for Animal feed

Fat is the main concentrated energy source within animal feed. A good fat digestibility is very important in order to lower the feed cost. Therefore, dietary emulsifiers like globin powder are added to animal feed and aid to increase the digestibility of fat and thus the energy efficiency.

What is a dietary emulsifier?

A dietary emulsifier like globin powder is a hydrophilic protein that lowers the surface tension of oil-in-water systems and stabilizes the emulsion. A dietary emulsifier can dissolve both in fat as in water and can aid in mixing the two fractions. In order to obtain the highest efficiency in terms of fat digestibility, it is important that the dietary emulsifier is hydrophilic or water soluble as only a limited amount of fat is added to the watery environement of the gut.

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Research paper

Effect of dietary globin, a natural emulsifier, on the growth performance and digestive efficiency of broiler chickens

What are the advantages of using a dietary emulsifier?

The advantage of using a dietary emulsifier like globin powder is an improved fat digestibility and thus energy efficiency of animal feed. This results into an economic and sustainable benefit as lower energy diets can be formulated.

Why do we use dietary emulsifiers in animal feed?

Digestion of fats occurs in the small intestine where bile salts (endogenous emulsifier) disperse fat globules into microscopic droplets.

This greatly increases the surface area of dietary fat, making it available for digestion by the pancreatic enzyme lipase. The resulting hydrolysis products form micelles that are absorbed by the intestinal brush border.

The digestibility of fats are determined by the animal species, the age, the gut health, U/S ratio (unsaturated/saturated fatty acids) and free fatty acid content.

In general, the fat digestibility in young animals is lower. Especially in young broilers, the primary limiting factor of fat digestion is insufficient production of bile salts. By adding a dietary emulsifier like globin powder to the animal feed, the fat digestion can be enhanced.

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How are dietary emulsifiers produced?

A dietary emulsifier like globin powder is obtained by fractionation and spray drying of blood from healthy animals collected at slaughterhouses. It is produced according to a patented process developed and registered by the VEOS Group.

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